AUSPELD – Australian Federation of SPELD Associations

The Australian Federation of SPELD Associations (AUSPELD) represents all state and territory SPELD Associations. These organisations, in turn, represent and support the many thousands of children and adults struggling with both learning difficulties and Specific learning disorders (SLDs) throughout Australia. Most of these individuals have persistent literacy and/or numeracy difficulties and a great many face significant barriers accessing education and training. The implications of this are significant: on long term academic and employment prospects; mental health; community involvement; socio-economic status; and, individual resiliency. It is conservatively estimated that well over 20 percent of Australian children are currently struggling with learning difficulties and 3 percent to 5 percent of students are known to have a developmental learning disorder. Of those students identified with a learning disorder, four out of every five are assessed as having a reading disorder (or SLD with impairment in reading), commonly known as dyslexia*.

*Dyslexia is viewed as a reading impairment (DSM 5/ICD 10), a learning ‘difficulty’ (UK) or a specific learning disability (USA).

Patron Dr Norman Swan
President Mandy Nayton, Executive Officer, Dyslexia SPELD Foundation WA
Vice President Sandy Russo, Director, SPELD SA
Secretary Georgina Perry, Executive Officer, SPELD NSW
Treasurer Claire Stonier-Kipen, Chief Executive Officer, SPELD Victoria

Committee Members

SPELD NSW Inc Georgina Perry, Rhonda Filmer
SPELD QLD Inc Marion McMahon, Ken Avenell
SPELD SA Inc Sandy Russo, Mark Parsons
SPELD VIC Inc Claire Stonier-Kipen, Matt Foran
Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation WA Inc Mandy Nayton, David McAulliffe