Parent Support

Online screening

This screening tool can help parents make decisions about appropriate ways to support their child with possible learning difficulties. Although online screening tools cannot provide a formal diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder such as Dyslexia, this tool can provide advice on what to do next. A version for adults concerned about their learning is currently in development. 

Parent Guides

Auspeld produces two guides for parents: Understanding Learning Difficulties and Understanding Language Difficulties. These resources are designed to provide parents, caregivers, and/or family members of children with language and learning difficulties with a greater awareness and understanding of the impact language and learning difficulties can have on children during their school years. The Understanding Learning Difficulties parent guide has also been converted to a website, providing free access to a digital version of this incredibly useful resource. Printed copies of both the Understanding Learning Difficulties and Understanding Language Difficulties Parent Guides can be purchased from our bookshop.

Parent reading with child

Useful Documents