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GUIDE TO ASSESSMENT – researchED Series (Ed. Sarah Donarski)

Sarah Donarski brings together chapters by Dylan Wiliam, Tom Sherrington, Alison Peacock and many others to consider the debates, critique the strategies and find solutions that not only better the progress of pupils but also assist the wellbeing and manageability of workload for staff.

GUIDE TO LITERACY – researchED Series (Ed. James Murphy & Tom Bennett)

What do we mean by literacy, why it matters and what happens if we don’t get it right? An exploration of this important area with contributions from: Kathy Rastle, Rhona Stainthorp, Tom Needham, Alex Quigley, Jessie Ricketts, Kevin and Robyn Wheldall, Kerry Hempenstall and Dianne Murphy. Editors: James Murphy and Tom Bennett.

GUIDE TO EDUCATION MYTHS – researchED Series (Ed. Craig Barton)

The most damaging myths that continue to circulate in education settings are identified and discussed in this edition by a selection of evidence informed writers including: Clare Sealy, Tom Sherrington, Andrew Old, Mark Enser, Robert and Elizabeth Bjork, Harry Fletcher Wood, Greg Ashman and Doug Lemov
Editor: Craig Barton.


The value and use of explicit instruction to improve academic outcomes is explored across a range of settings and subject areas. Incorporating compelling evidence from the cognitive sciences, the writers include: Kris Boulton; Greg Ashman; Gethyn Jones; Tom Needham; Lia Martin and Amy Coombe; Naveen Rivzi; Hannah Stoten; John Blake; Sarah Barker; Summer Turner; Sarah Cullen and Zig Englemann. Editor: Adam Boxer.

GUIDE TO THE CURRICULUM – researchED Series (Ed. Clare Sealy)

How can schools get the most out of a rich curriculum? Contributors to this title include: Neil Almond; Andrew Percival; Doug Lemov and Emily Badillo; Sonia Thompson; Christine Counsell; Michael Young; Ruth Ashbee; and Aurora Reid. Editor: Clare Sealy.

ResearchED BUNDLE – 3 BOOKS FOR $60
Any three researchED books for $60.
  ResearchED BUNDLE – 4 BOOKS FOR $80
Any four researchED books for $80.
ResearchED BUNDLE – 5 BOOKS FOR $95
Any five researchED books for $95.
Red cover from AUSPELDs Understanding Learning Difficulties: A guide for Parents - Revised edition UNDERSTANDING LEARNING DIFFICULTIES – A GUIDE FOR PARENTS – Revised Edition

The Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Guide for Parents booklet is designed to provide parents, caregivers, and/or family members of children with learning difficulties with a greater awareness and understanding of the impact learning difficulties can have on children during their school years. This Australian resource provides an overview of the nature of learning difficulties and the most effective assessment and intervention strategies currently available. Information is shared regarding effective support strategies and evidence-based remediation approaches in order to equip parents and caregivers with the tools and knowledge necessary to assist their children throughout their education and beyond. The Revised Edition was published in January 2019.

Green cover for Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Practical Guide picturing child and teacher UNDERSTANDING LEARNING DIFFICULTIES – A PRACTICAL GUIDE – Revised Edition

This booklet, in conjunction with the enclosed CD, is designed to provide principals, teachers and school psychologists throughout Australia, with a greater awareness and understanding of the significant impact learning disabilities can have on students, and to outline the most effective remediation and accommodation strategies available to them in the classroom.The CD contains a copy of the Guide plus a wide range of effective resources and strategies, all of which can be saved and printed for use throughout the school. The Revised Edition was published in January 2019.

Cover image of Talk for Writing - Early Years TALK FOR WRITING IN THE EARLY YEARS (2 – 5 years) (Pie Corbett & Julia Strong)

Talk for Writing helps build a love of reading and enables children to move from oral storytelling to beginning to write stories of their own. This book shows early years settings how to set up the approach and how to involve parents, carers and other family members through learning the same stories that the children are learning. This family involvement not only helps the children’s linguistic development but also increases the confidence of family members in supporting their children.

Cover image for Talk for Writing - Across the Curriculum TALK FOR WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM (Pie Corbett & Julia Strong)

‘Talk For Writing Across The Curriculum’ shows you how to help children speak the language of non-fiction before they attempt to write it. This is a three-step process using fun, multi-sensory activities. It helps build children’s confidence and linguistic ability so that they are able to create their own writing.‘Talk For Writing Across The Curriculum’ is designed with busy teachers in mind and will help them transform children’s writing and attainment across the curriculum.

Cover of Talk for Writing - Secondary TALK FOR WRITING IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS (Pie Corbett & Julia Strong)

Building on best practice, this practical guide takes you step by step through how to establish quality written communication across the secondary curriculum. It can be used as a handbook by literacy co-ordinators to lead the approach as well as being a source of practical ideas for each subject area. Every teacher can help students internalise the pattern of language of their subject through focused talk activities related to exemplar text. This enables students to independently generate the sentence patterns and structures that are key to effective communication in any subject.

Cover for The Spelling Rule Book - purple with green tick THE SPELLING RULEBOOK (Pub. SEN Marketing)

An indispensable reference book for teachers and students.With over 170 pages giving all the linguistic rules and phonic principles of English spelling. It includes generalisations for the phonic spelling of sounds and words, syllable division, rules of affixing and plural rules. Where there are known exceptions these are listed.The book is particularly valuable in teaching those who have auditory and visual processing difficulties.


A must-have guide for any parent or teacher of a child struggling to learn to read, this essential resource begins by answering the question “What is Dyslexia?” The authors select and distill the most significant research in the field to provide clear and detailed explanations of the identification, understanding, emotional consequences and research into dyslexia and other reading problems. The book also covers the essential elements of effective reading instruction and treatment options for the most severe cases of dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Cover of The Truth about Teaching by Greg Ashman THE TRUTH ABOUT TEACHING (Greg Ashman)

Drawing on years of experience teaching in a diverse range of schools and powered by a nuanced understanding of educational research, Greg Ashman presents the most vital ideas that you need to know in order to succeed in teaching. Find out how to avoid common mistakes and challenge some of the myths about what good teaching really is.Evidence-informed, this book explores major issues you will encounter in schools, including: the science of learning, classroom management, explicit forms of teaching, why phonics is so controversial and smart ways to evaluate the potential of technology in the classroom.If you are training to teach in primary or secondary education, or in the early stages of your teaching career, this is for you.

Cover of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics DYSLEXIA, DYSCALCULIA AND MATHEMATICS

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics will be an essential resource for teachers, classroom assistants, and SENCOs who help dyslexic and dyscalculic children with their understanding of mathematics. This practical book reveals helpful ways in which to tackle both simple and complex concepts with students of all ages.

Cover for Tales of Literacy for the 21st Century by Maryanne Wolf TALES OF LITERACY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY

Tales of Literacy for the 21st Century tackles some of the most difficult questions for the next generation around literacy and thought. What will happen to our children and to ourselves as we move from a literacy-based culture to a digital one?


This book, aimed at both parents and professionals, discusses the non evidence-based ‘crank’ interventions that proliferate in the fields of children’s speech, language, literacy, fluency, voice, communication, attention, cognition, working memory, behaviour and social connectedness. It explores the science – or lack thereof – behind the interventions and suggests evidence-based alternatives that enjoy stronger scientific support.


Flexitables are tactile and made of soft plastic. Children love manipulating them when trying to discover the answer. Our grids are particularly useful for teaching children with learning difficulties as they can be taught on a “one to one” basis at their own speed. The tables are available in:

  • Multiplication & Division
  • Fractions & Percentages
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Number Square

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