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Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Guide for Parents (Revised Edition) Now Available Online

Red cover from AUSPELDs Understanding Learning Difficulties: A guide for Parents - Revised editionA web version and a downloadable PDF of Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Guide for Parents (Revised Edition) are now available free of charge on the ULD for Parents website.

This Guide has recently been revamped to provide parents and carers with additional information about the nature of learning disabilities in children, and to offer up-to-date practical guidance on the most appropriate identification, intervention and support.

The first AUSPELD Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Practical Guide was published in 2014 and rapidly became a must-have title for any educator or allied professional supporting students with learning difficulties or specific learning disorders. The guides provide readers with an in-depth understanding of learning difficulties and specific learning disorders, and also share advice and practical information on the best approaches to use with students who have learning difficulties or diagnosed specific learning disorders.

Additional information and several new tip sheets have also been added to the latest edition.

You can also purchase hard copies of the parents and other revised guides from the Resources page.