The research ED Guide to English as an Additional Language

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In this edition, Hamish Chalmers provides a primer on the key questions teachers and researchers have about the education of children learning English as an Additional Language (EAL). From the general implications of teaching children in a language that many are still in the process of learning, to the specifics of EAL-friendly pedagogy, this volume includes contributions from both teachers and researchers in the field: Victoria Murphy, Constant Leung, Jonathan Bifield, Feyisa Demie, Ann-Margaret Smith, Naomi Flynn, Holly Joseph, Tracey Costley, Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen, and Eowyn Crisfield.

Hamish Chalmers is a lecturer and EAL researcher at the University of Oxford, vice-chair of NALDIC — the UK’s EAL subject association — and erstwhile primary school teacher, both in the UK and overseas.