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Workshops with UFLI Foundations Authors

UFLI Foundations co-authors Dr. Holly Lane and Dr. Valentina Contesse will be presenting professional learning workshops around Australia in July 2023!

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to hear directly from the authors – not only about the research underpinning the program’s development and refinement – but also about the delivery, monitoring of student progress – and whole-school planning.

Each full-day workshop will include:

  • A review of essential background knowledge about the science of reading
  • An overview of the UFLI Foundations program
  • An in-depth exploration of each lesson step
  • Recommendations for progress monitoring and differentiation

Registrations are open via each state SPELD:

Sydney: Register with SPELD NSW

Adelaide: Register with SPELD SA

Perth: Register with DSF WA

Brisbane: Register with SPELD Queensland

Melbourne: Register with SPELD Victoria

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Talking Literacy Series 2

Following the incredible success of the first series of AUSPELD’s Talking Literacy webinars, we are excited to announce the line-up of guests for Series 2!

Talking Literacy features conversations with international experts as they share some of their acquired knowledge, key discoveries and thoughts for the future. The series focuses on the acquisition of language, literacy and numeracy and includes interviews with Stanislas Dehaene, Julie Washington, Natalie Wexler, William Van Cleave, Maria Murray and David Kilpatrick, as well as a special episode to start off the 2021 series featuring three of the world’s leading reading researchers, Kathy Rastle, Kate Nation and Anne Castles.

These interviews (conducted by AUSPELD President Mandy Nayton) will be essential viewing for teachers, administrators, speech pathologists, psychologists and parents concerned about evidence-informed practice in the fields of literacy and learning.

If you have previously registered for Talking Literacy in 2020, you will automatically receive an email notification when each new webinar is released.

If you have yet to register, sign up here.

(If you have previously registered, you can access the webinars here.)

Mark Wednesday March 17th in your calendar and be sure to follow AUSPELD on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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A Special ‘Talking Literacy’ Conversation

The first Talking Literacy webinar to be released in 2021 is a special one. AUSPELD President Mandy Nayton will be chatting with Kate Nation, Kathy Rastle and Anne Castles, who recently won the 2020 Economic and Social Research Council Celebrating Impact Prize in the category of ‘Outstanding International Impact,’ based on their highly regarded 2018 paper focused on bringing the science of reading to reading instruction in classrooms around the world.
This conversation with three of the world’s leading reading researchers will focus on why their paper “Ending the Reading Wars: Reading Acquisition from Novice to Expert” has had such a significant impact. It will also include an exploration of what Kate, Kathy and Anne are up to now, and what the implications of this are for future practice.
This webinar will be followed by Series Two of Talking Literacy which will feature conversations with nine international experts in the fields of literacy and language. We are currently confirming the schedule of interviewees and can’t wait to share this information with you! There are some very exciting speakers you will certainly want to hear from.
Those who have already registered for the previous series of Talking Literacy will automatically receive an email notification when the new series becomes available.
If you have yet to register for these exceptional free webinars, you can sign up here.
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Talking Literacy Webinar Series

AUSPELD is excited to announce an upcoming new webinar series, featuring conversations with international experts as they share some of their acquired knowledge, key discoveries and thoughts for the future. The series focuses on the acquisition of language, literacy and numeracy and includes interviews with Louisa Moats, Mark Seidenberg, Kate Nation, Carl Hendrick, Paul Kirschner, Daniel Ansari, Pie Corbett, Emily Hanford and Pamela Snow.

These interviews (conducted by AUSPELD President Mandy Nayton) will be essential viewing for teachers, administrators, speech pathologists, psychologists and parents concerned with evidence-informed practice in the fields of literacy and learning. More information about how to register for – and contribute to – these free webinars will be shared soon. Be sure to follow AUSPELD on Facebook or Twitter for updates –

Registrations now open

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Nessy Workshops October 2019

Nessy has been making dyslexia-friendly software for 20 years. The suite of Nessy programs is multisensory and engaging. The Nessy programs incorporate current research evidence and have been carefully designed to provide students with the opportunity to practice and consolidate essential  skills in a fun and interactive way.

Nessy workshops for teachers and parents are being held at each state SPELD throughout October. For more information, please follow the links below.

Thursday 24th October SPELD Victoria

Community Hub at The Dock, 912 Collins Street, Docklands, Victoria, Australia

Time: 6:15pm – 9pm

Book Now


Saturday 26th October SPELD SA

298 Portrush Road Kensington 5068

Parents: 9am – 11am

Teachers: 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Book Now


Monday 28th October SPELD QLD

141 Merton Road, Woolloongabba, QLD

Parents: 9:30am – 12pm

Book Now

Teachers: 3:30pm – 6pm

Book Now


Tuesday 29th October DSF SPELD (WA)

10 Broome Street, South Perth 6151

Parent session: 9.30am – 12pm

Book Now


Wednesday 30th October DSF SPELD (WA)

10 Broome Street, South Perth 6151

Teacher session:  4pm – 6.30 pm

Book Now


Thursday 31st October SPELD NSW

Suite 2, Level 1, 52 O’Connell Street, Parramatta NSW 2015

Parents and Teachers: 10am

Book Now

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Carol Allen 2019 Australian Tour

Internationally recognised education advisor Carol Allen is coming to Australia this year. Carol’s expertise in the area of ICT and learning difficulties is highly sought-after in the UK, and she was recognised as a “Top-ten Educator Using Technology” for 2018 by the UK parliament.

Carol will be presenting full-day teacher workshops in five capital cities focusing on how to use assistive technology as an integrated support rather than a stand alone activity. The workshops will be packed full of activities, including interactive demonstrations, which teachers will immediately be able to take away and add to their toolkit of potential ideas.

Carol has been teaching since 1980 in both primary and secondary mainstream schools, and schools for students with learning difficulties. As an English specialist, Carol is aware that communication lies at the heart of all effective teaching. As a result, the majority of her work has centred on the creative and engaging use of technology to support struggling students.

Carol Allen’s work centres on easy to replicate practice which is fun, achievable and will improve educational outcomes. Carol has provided workshops and keynote presentations in Denmark, Geneva, ATIA Florida, Riyadh, BETT, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Australia.

Photo of attendees around round tables watching Carol Allen present in Perth, 2018

Carol Allen’s 2019 Australian Tour Dates and Locations

Perth Monday, August 26th for details
Melbourne Thursday August 29th for details
Adelaide Saturday, August 31st for details
Brisbane Tuesday, September 3rd for details
Sydney Friday, September 6th for details


Carol Allen will also run workshops for parents. Please check your local SPELD’s calendar for details.

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2019 DSF Conference Keynote Addresses Available Online

AUSPELD was a proud supporter of the DSF Language, Literacy and Learning Conference which took place in April this year. The filmed keynote presentations from the conference are now available to interested parties for a limited period. Online access is ideal for people who were unable to attend the conference in person as well as for delegates seeking to review these incredible presentations. The films may also be viewed with colleagues at staff or team meetings.

The cost to access these high quality and informative films for a six month period is:


Conference Delegates $95.00
Non-Delegates $145.00


For more information please visit the DSF 2019 Conference Keynotes page

Professor Stanislas Dehaene delivers his keynote address


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LETRS – Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling

LETRSLETRS is a research-based professional development that leads to more effective instruction and improved student outcomes. The course is now available in Australia as a two-year course of study incorporating online coursework, in-person workshops, accompanying print resources and online support.

LETRS courses commence on the following dates:


Queensland Thursday 11th July
New South Wales Saturday 13th July
Victoria Monday 15th July


Courses in South Australia and Western Australia are already in progress and new dates will be released soon.

A LETRS brochure can be downloaded here and course dates are listed here.

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David Kilpatrick Tour for LDA

Recent Advances in Understanding Word-Level Reading Problems: Assessment and Highly Effective Intervention

Renowned reading researcher, psychologist and author, David A. Kilpatrick, will present a series of presentations around Australia in August, 2019.

The presentations will focus on how children learn to read words and why some children struggle. Understanding word-level reading development and its problems will guide both assessment and intervention.

More information is available on the Learning Difficulties Australia website.

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2019 DSF Language, Literacy & Learning Conference Wrap-up

The second DSF Language, Literacy and Learning Conference was held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday April 4th to Saturday April 6th, 2019. More than 850 delegates and 90 speakers from WA, interstate and around the world contributed to this incredible event. The response from delegates, speakers and exhibitors has been overwhelmingly positive. One-half of attendees scored the conference 10 out of 10! – with the conference receiving an overall ranking of 9.1/10 from the delegates surveyed.

The conference was preceded by a full-day of masterclasses, parent workshops and technology sessions for those keen to access additional training from a number of DSF’s visiting experts. Across the six keynote addresses and 65 breakout sessions, workshops and symposia, the conference provided valuable information, insights and networking opportunities for teachers, principals, school psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists.

The outstanding keynote sessions presented by Professor Stanislas Dehaene, Professor Simon E. Fisher, Professor Daniel Ansari, Professor Kathy Rastle, Dr Yana Weinstein-Jones and Mr Tom Bennett were very well received. We are grateful to the keynote speakers for sharing their expertise.

AUSPELD is a proud supporter of the Language, Literacy & Learning Conference and would like to thank the Ian Potter Foundation, the Perth Convention Bureau, the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and all other Conference sponsors for joining us in supporting this exceptional event.

We are looking forward to the next conference in 2021.

To receive notifications about the latest conference news, please register your email via the conference website